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Bidder Agreement

Online Buyer's Premium:
Winning online bidders will be charged a buyer's fee to be paid in addition to the final bid price of the item.

Online Buyer's Premium of 3%; with a $25 minimum and a $750 maximum.
Buyers understand that they are legally bound to pay for this item and that they are purchasing the item "as is" in its present condition. Buyers understand that any statements or representations concerning the value, condition or use of the item made by the owner or Auction Company to the buyer are simply their opinion and do not create any guarantee or warranty for the buyers benefit. Buyers are welcome to physically inspect the equipment prior to the auction. Buyers understand and agree to pay for any collection costs that may occur from this transaction.

Buyer will remit payment to the Auction Company immediately upon notification of winning the bid. In no event shall payment be made later than 24 hours after notification. The item purchased shall not be removed from the premises until payment has been made.

Acceptable payment shall be cashier's check, wire transfer, or if a personal/company check is used the equipment shall remain on the seller's lot until check has cleared the bank.

Effective January 1, 2012, Texas residents must provide a valid Texas Ag/Timber sales tax exemption number or a valid Texas Sales and Use Tax number or pay 8.25% sales tax for all purchases made at Bar H Equipment and Auction Services. Out of state and out of country purchasers are exempt.